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Thank you for your support. Our practice protocols are different.

DSC provides a service to clients from Africa and the surrounding islands. The waiting period for standby patients is unpredictable. Appointment delays are due to emergency, unscheduled operations for skin cancers, and lengthy consultations. An assistant and a trainee will be present during your consultation. The assistant will explain the treatment protocols after your consultation. All communications will be documented. The assistants are trained to treat problems, complications and to perform minor procedures. Powerpoint software programs are designed to assist the patients to read and understand their skin conditions.

This is a training and empowerment facility for Doctors and therapists. We thank you for your patience and tolerance as we grow South Africans.

Please be patient, understanding and tolerant. Aggressive, and confrontational clients with negative energy will not be treated by DSC unless there is an emergency. Please use the e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." target="_blank" title="Email">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for communications and appointments. We discuss only official published data in peer reviewed scientific journals. The e mail service does not replace an official medical consultation. Lengthy email communications that involve research, thought and professional time will be submitted for official billing. Please do not use the email as a consultation tool. A skin examination is compulsory before issuing a prescription or a treatment plan. Please report all severe side effects and complications of treatments immediately.

Your signed consent is requested for treatments, and procedures. This practice is not contracted to medical aid. The patient negotiates with the medical aid. Financial transactions are discussed with the dermatology assistants only. You will be billed independently by the Pathology Laboratory for sample analysis. Please silence your cell phones during consultation. Prescriptions are valid for 6 months. Consultations will be conducted for the one officially booked appointment only. All treatments are optional. We respect your wish to seek the services of a superior service provider if DSC is not suitable. A second opinion is advisable with respect to the severe, chronic, and incurable disorders. We request written permission to treat you with innovative published methods for incurable disorders. Please study the package inserts of all therapies before starting treatments.

Once again, thanks for all your support and cooperation.

This Document will be made available for you to sign upon your visit to our practice.


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